Monday, January 4, 2010

Celestial University

Celestial University is a Pursuit of Excellence program for the sisters in our ward. The purpose of Celestial University is to offer each sister an opportunity to reach her divine potential as a Daughter of God. The program is designed to meet these goals by providing direction, motivation, and resources. Through raised self-esteem and a sure knowledge that she can improve her life and the lives of those around her, each sister will become an active force in promoting the Kingdom of God on earth.

Celestial University is a goal setting program whereby a sister may earn her Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Degree by finishing outlined requirements. At the end of this packet are the requirement sheets for all three degree levels.

There are 12 different areas or colleges in which one may earn a degree. When requirements have been completed, the Department Chair of that particular college will verify the sister’s success with a date and signature. When all the requirements for a degree have been met, the sister’s name will be presented to the Dean to be included in the next graduation ceremony.

A sister may work on more than one requirement at a time as well as more than one degree at a time. But, In order to earn a Master’s or Doctorate degree, the Bachelor’s degree in that college must be completed first.

The original requirements of Celestial University have been modified to meet the needs of the sisters in our ward. Rachel Woods is the creator of Celestial University and may be reached at or

Reynoldsburg Ward Celestial University Blog:

Degrees Offered:

Bachelors degree :

8 requirements in a chosen college

5 goals in the College of Theology

Masters degree:

4 additional requirements the same college

2 additional requirements in the College of Theology

Doctorate of Celestial Studies:

4 additional requirements in the same college

2 additional requirements in the College of Theology

Celestial University’s goal is to provide an opportunity for the sisters to become knowledgeable in each of the specified colleges; therefore the Master’s and Doctorate degrees will be a continuation of a bachelor’s degree in the same college.



Personal Management

Career Development

Political & Community Awareness

Technology & Applied Science

Behavioral Sciences

Health & Fitness

Language Arts

Arts & Music

Culinary Arts

Handcrafted Arts

Interior Design


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